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Welcome to Woven Nutrition

We support you in healing your relationship with food and your body by helping you to:


Reconnect with your body’s innate wisdom and internal cues in a world that otherwise teaches you to not trust your body
Move beyond dieting and create a more peaceful and flexible relationship with food
Explore body image issues and move toward a place of body neutrality, acceptance, and respect
Identify ways to practice intuitive movement that honors your body's needs and supports your movement-related goals

Hi there, Nicole and Anna here!
We are Registered Dietitians based in Washington State and we offer size-inclusive nutrition counseling for individuals seeking to heal their relationships with food and body in ways that positively impact health and well-being. We offer in-person and virtual appointments.

Our primary areas of focus include: 

  • ​Recovery from chronic dieting or disordered eating

  • ​Food or body image concerns

  • Intuitive eating

  • Intuitive movement

  • Sports nutrition guidance

  • Management of chronic health conditions


Food is essential and is woven into the fabric of our lives.
The integrity of this fabric is in part maintained by
meeting our nutritional needs.

Contact us today to schedule a FREE introductory call with Woven Nutrition! 

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