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We believe all foods benefit our bodies in various ways! In our society, all-or-nothing thinking is often used to categorize food, using labels of “good” or “bad” and “healthy” or “unhealthy”. These labels can detrimentally impact how we perceive food and ourselves due to the morality attached to them. We believe accepting nuance and embracing the "gray area" can be supportive of making peace with food.


Diet culture is a racist, classist, and sizeist system of beliefs that attaches morality to thinness, the pursuit of weight loss, and certain ways of eating. We recognize the harmful physical, mental, and emotional impacts of diet culture. Divesting from diet culture can feel liberating and we are here to offer insight into how you can reject the diet mentality and feel more at peace making food decisions. 


We are committed to providing weight-inclusive, fat positive nutritional counseling, as we believe that people in all bodies are deserving of respect, acceptance, and ethical, equitable care. As health care providers, we believe the decision to pursue health, and how one chooses to pursue health, is a deeply personal decision. We affirm a holistic view of health aligned with the Health at Every Size® paradigm and we will center your values, goals, and needs.


We are committed to practicing from an anti-oppressive lens, meaning we will: 1) continually identify and challenge our biases, 2) name ways in which diet culture upholds oppressive systems, and 3) take action within our practice and in our communities. We find it important to state the privileges we (Anna and Nicole) hold that impact our lived experiences, including being white, cis-gendered, able-bodied, and straight-sized. 


The Intuitive Eating framework is based on 10 principles and involves recognizing and responding to your body’s cues through an interplay of emotion, instinct, and thought. Chronic dieting, disordered eating, and other factors can disrupt the innate connection you have with your body. We believe you are the expert of your body and we are eager to support you in enhancing and/or restoring trust with your body.


We hold the belief that movement is most supportive and beneficial for our health and well-being when it comes from a place of joy, connection to the body, and self-care, rather than obligation. This can feel especially hard to navigate for those engaging in sports or competition. Our work together can include shifting your relationship with movement in ways that honor your body, center flexibility, and align with your performance goals.

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